Welcome to Transformation Dogs


Welcome to Transformation Dogs! We are committed to helping dog owners to overcome struggles and enjoy the best possible life and relationship with their dogs. Whether that's through training and socialising a brand new puppy, or teaching an old new new tricks (yes - that can be done!) we feel incredibly lucky and privileged to work with dogs every day. 


We run puppy and dog training classes, puppy socialisation sessions and offer private training packages and behaviour consultations across the North East, so whatever your goal or struggle - we can help. 


Explore Our Training Options

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Qualified, insured and experienced - we train using kind, fun and science backed methods that produce excellent results. 

Certified pro-dog trainers, our ongoing development and passion for dog training means we are constantly learning, extending our skills and furthering our experience. We've trained hundreds of puppies and helped countless dogs to overcome behavioural issues.

Not sure about the best training option for your dog? Book in a free telephone consultation. We're always happy to have a chat and give you some advice.