121  training 

Our 121 training option is ideal if you'd prefer private training sessions that enable us to focus fully on your dog and their specific issues.

Our fun, enriching and always gentle training approach provides real life results whatever your struggle. 

We are delighted to be able to offer in person training sessions once again as restrictions ease, however we can still offer the full package online if you prefer, or don't live in the North East. 

We have a range of 121 training plans depending on what you hope to achieve with your dog. 

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Boost! Training Session...

The Perfect Training Boost! A training Boost! is a bespoke session to super charge your dog's progress. Our Enhance Package includes one Boost! session, while our Transform Package comes with two Boosts! These sessions are in addition to your standard training sessions and depending on your dog and their training plan a boost session could include: 

- A training walk to practice new skills on the move. 

- A socialisation session with another dog or dogs. 

- An intensive 30 minute skills boost session. 

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Bottomless Support Plan... 

Your support doesn't end when your training does. With our Transform package we know there's a lot of work to do. And we want to make sure that you get the best possible results - long after our training sessions have finished. 

So for 6 months following your Transform plan we'll be there for you - ready to jump on a call whenever you need some help, support, guidance, or even just a listening ear!

Whether you want to reach out for support when you need it, or book in a weekly catch up call - with the Bottomless Support Plan the choice is yours. 

Which Option Is Best For You? 

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Lite is a great choice if you are looking some advice and guidance or need a training top-up. A single session gives us the opportunity to discuss whatever you'd like to work on with your pup, give you advice and demo training games and techniques that will help.

Enhance is your perfect choice if you'd like hands on training and support to develop skills and encourage great behaviour from your pooch. This is the ideal option is you'd like to work on: 

- Loose lead walking skills (stop that pulling on lead) 

- Brilliant recall 

- Great household manners

- Attention & Focus 

Includes a full consultation, bespoke training plan, 3 training sessions, & 1 training Boost! session. 

Transform is the full package! The ideal choice for more complex cases, if you're dealing with multiple issues, or if you want a trainer led hands on programme with oodles of support. We'd recommend the Transform plan for: 

- Reactive dogs 

- Dealing with a range of different issues 

- More severe anxiety cases 

- Full package advanced training 

Includes a full consultation, bespoke training plan, 6 training sessions, 2 Boost! sessions and the bottomless support plan. 

Payment Options: 

For both our Enhance and Transform packages, you'll be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your booking. The rest of your package cost is payable following your first consultation at which point you can choose to pay in full, or select to pay via instalments as we progress through your dog's training plan. 

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Next Steps: 

If you already know the package you'd like to book you can choose your preferred option and book a time that suits you for your consultation session. We'll agree the date and time for your follow up sessions following your consultation and in line with your dog's bespoke training plan.

Not sure which package is right for you? Or would you like some advice and to talk through our recommended training strategies ahead of booking? Drop us a note, or book a free consultation call and we'd be happy to have a chat. 

Brand new puppy

You can start training with your puppy from day one by booking a puppy training session. Due to the current guidelines, we are unable to offer home visits, however we can work in your garden if space allows, or if your puppy has had all vaccinations at a local park. We also offer this as an online service. 


As well as introducing you to the amazing world of training through games, we can also help with a range of puppy issues including:

  • Toilet training

  • Crate training, sleep routines and growing calmness

  • Nutrition advice

  • Managing mouthing or biting

  • Building good relationships with young children 

  • Settling your puppy in to a household with other pets

Single Consultation £50