Dog Walker at the Park


Hi, I’m Laura and together with Trina I own and run Transformation Dogs! We adore working with dogs (and their owners of course!) and are excited to introduce you to the enriching world of concept training through games. 


I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs and am passionate about helping dog owners to turn their dogs struggles in to strengths. As an owner of a naughty but nice dog myself for many years (Boo was the perfect pooch in the house but turned in to a barking, pulling, lunging mess whenever we crossed the doorstep!) I know only too well how difficult it is to be the owner of a loveable but challenging dog! I also understand how disappointing it can be when that dream you had of owning a dog you could take anywhere - one that would play happily on the beach, come back to you whenever you called, curl up at your feet as you enjoy a drink in the sunshine - doesn’t turn out as you planned! 


Concept training is different to other training approaches. We train for the moment, not in the moment. Dogs learn best in an environment where they feel calm and confident - not in the situation that causes them stress and anxiety. We work to re-shape your dogs thinking, helping them to build the skills they need to make the right choices, even at the most difficult times! And the most important bit - it’s fun, for both you and your dog! Our training classes and 121 sessions will help you to build an amazing relationship with your dog, one that will build their confidence, help them to look at life with an optimistic approach and give them the skills and desire to behave in they way you want them to. 


We’re always happy to chat, so if you want to know more or would like some advice around the best approach for you and your dog don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!