Our Life Skills Classes are the perfect training class for dogs aged six months and older. 


During this class we will introduce you and your dog to the amazing and enriching world of concept training. Our fun, interactive, no pressure training approach works to re-shape your dogs thinking, helping them to make good decisions and equipping them with the skills to deal with whatever life throws at them. Our interactive and fun 6 week course will set you on the path to training a dog that: 

  • Can focus on you and listen - even when excited

  • Is calm and settled in the house, when travelling and when meeting new people

  • Has self-control around food and toys

  • Loves to play! 

  • Walks loosely on the lead  

  • Has brilliant recall - your dog will want to come back to you! 

  • Knows some super cool tricks that will impress your friends

This class is great for dogs that are comfortable being around other dogs. If you are struggling with a dog that barks and lunges or is anxious around other dogs then we'd love to help with that too. See our 121 training page for more information.


If you're not sure which is the best solution for you, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you and would be happy to learn more about your dog and offer some advice about the best approach. 


6 Week Course - £84