Crate Training - The Easy Approach To Teaching Your Puppy To LOVE Their Crate

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Crate training is something that I'm asked about all of the time. New puppy owners, confused about the amount of conflicting information available are keen to know whether crate training is the best route to go down.

I am a huge advocate of crate training. A crate is always the number one item on my recommended shopping list for new puppy owners. In fact I always have two crates for a new puppy - one downstairs and one upstairs, so wherever I am, there's a crate to hand.

Now I know some people will tell you that crating our puppies is cruel. We're locking them in a cage just to make our own lives easier, that it's unkind to put them in a crate. But this couldn't be further from the truth - if a crate is used correctly that is. And this is where many new puppy owners don't quite get it right.

We want our puppies to love their crates. This is the most important factor in crate training. A crate should be a safe haven for our puppies. Somewhere warm, cosy and inviting, where they feel safe. A place where they can rest in peace and quiet. All too often though, I see homeowners trying to put their puppy into a crate without the proper training - they haven't taken the time to help their puppy to really value that space and their time in it.

The other issue I often encounter is with crates being used for punishment. If a puppy bites, then into the crate they go. If they are chewing the furniture, into the crate they go. Now there's no problem with your puppy's crate being used as a time out. If they are chewing the furniture because they are overtired, then absolutely, it's time for a nap in their crate - but this is a privilege, not a punishment. "You seem tired puppy, you're struggling to make good choices, let's settle you down for a nap," is a very different message to "Get in your crate - and you aren't coming out until you stop biting me!"

Using a crate correctly is wonderful way to help to build a great foundation for a happy and stress free life with your puppy. So how do you get your puppy to love their crate? I've put together a guide for you that will walk you through my easy step by step system to teaching your puppy to love their crate.

Click here to grab your completely free copy now.

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