Surviving the Puppy Biting Phase!

I'd say without doubt, one of the most challenging parts of raising a puppy is that pesky puppy biting! Yes, we know it's normal. Yes, we know all puppies do it. Yes, we know we just have to give them time and they'll get through it... but in the meantime are we just meant to accept that we become their human chew toy?? And puppy teeth! Those little needles hurt - a lot!

We know this time will come and go... our puppies aren't puppies for long. And no doubt we'll look back and even laugh about what a little Land Shark our super cute bundle of fur turned into for a while! But in the moment? It can feel never ending! And if you are pairing raising a puppy with bringing up young children - wow, that can get messy!

So we've pulled together a free guide to Surviving that Puppy Biting! Compiling our top tips to help you get through this period in one piece! Yes, it's normal, and yes, all puppies do it, but there are ways to minimise the biting, to make things easier for you and importantly easier for your puppy too! Teething is a tough time for them.

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