Puppy Classes

Our fun and enriching puppy classes help to build an optimistic, confident puppy ready to face the world and love life! A pup you can take anywhere, who can deal with any situation and most importantly just loves to hang out with you! Through simple, super fun concept training and games, your puppy will build skills that will delight you and amaze others. Obedience doesn't have to be boring! 

This is an interactive 4 week course of lessons - you can either join us in our live online sessions, or opt to follow Super Puppy online at your own pace. Designed to be engaging, rewarding and most of all fun - as Pro Dog Trainers with Absolute Dogs, we know we learn best when we're having fun and we're committed to making our classes and courses a great experience for people and pooches alike!

Our aim is to to help you to raise a calm, settled puppy who listens, loves to play, can walk loosely on the lead, has excellent recall and is confident in any situation.

When you sign up for a puppy class you'll also receive an e-book full of hints, tips and support to help you to get off to the best possible start from home.



Our Junior Pup class is ideal for graduates of Super Puppy! but don't worry if you haven't attended our puppy class - you're still very welcome. Unless progressing straight from the puppy class we'd recommend Junior Pup for dogs aged between 6 and 18 months. If you're looking for a class for an adult dog then our Amazing Dog class is a great choice. 

Adolescence can bring its challenges! Our Junior Pup class will support you all the way by giving you the skills, techniques and training games you need to get the best from your pup. 

As part of the course we continue to develop excellent loose lead walking, build bullet proof recall, instil a level of calmness which means you can take your pup anywhere, build excellent socialisation skills and delve in to the world of super fun trick training and how supportive it can be in preventing and dealing with behaviour issues. 

We always keep our classes small in number so we can work directly with every dog and owner to ensure you get everything you need from the course.