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Our fun and enriching training helps to build an optimistic, confident dog able to face the world and love life! A pup you can take anywhere, who can deal with any situation and most importantly just loves to hang out with you! Through simple, super fun concept training and games, your dog will build skills that will delight you. Obedience doesn't have to be boring! 

Our classes are interactive courses with 4 weekly in person lessons and oodles of additional online training,  material and support. Designed to be engaging, rewarding and most of all fun - as Pro Dog Trainers with Absolute Dogs, we know we learn best when we're having fun and we're committed to making our classes and courses a great experience for people and pooches alike!

If a class isn't the right option for your dog, then we offer 121 training sessions too. Private training mean we can focus fully on your dog - helping you to turn whatever struggles you're having in to strength. You can explore the options for classes and 121 training below. 

How Does it Work?

Each course includes 4 weekly interactive classes. Each lesson is 45 minutes long and will guide you and your puppy through a number of training games and techniques that produce great results. 

Our Puppy and Beginner classes are suitable for all dogs who are new to training classes. If your pup has previously attended one of our training classes (or another class and you're happy they've mastered the basics), then our Advanced Pup follow on classes are your next step. If you aren't sure which class is best get in touch and we'd be happy to have a chat about the options. 

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When you sign up for a course you'll also get access to our online membership area so you can start training your dog even before your classes start! 

This includes a range of support materials that will guide you through the most common issues including toilet training, managing that biting, crate training, sleeping through the night and much more!


We'll also introduce you to some fun and simple training games that you can start from home, brilliant for preparing your pup for their training class. 

Every week your online portal will be updated with  a recap of everything covered in class, along with additional tips, support and training to ensure you pup makes the best progress from week to week. 

At the end of your course, you'll continue to have access to all of your training material so you can continue to embed your puppy's training. You're also very welcome to sign up for one of our advanced classes if you're keen to continue your training journey. 


4 weekly in person training classes.

Access to your own online membership portal with lots of support guides, advice, top tips and training you can start from home ahead of your class. 

Weekly updates in your member's portal recapping training from each lesson along with further support and training to ensure excellent progress for you and your pup. 

Continued access to all of your puppy class resources for 30 days after your classes to ensure you have plenty of time to embed your training. 

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