Due to the current social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of Covid19 we have temporarily postponed our one day deep dive workshops. We are very much looking forward to confirming dates for future workshops as soon as it's safe to do so. 

In the meantime we've been working hard to continue to be able to support you in turning your dog's struggles in to strengths and are super excited to launch our very first Deep Dive Programme Workbook. 

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Limited Time Introductory Offer! 

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Available as an immediate digital download, you can get started straight away, following our tried and tested methods. 


Resolving Your Dog's Barking Issues 

With over 40 pages full of content, our Barking Resolution Programme will guide you step by step through the process, giving you all of the knowledge, skills and tools you need to manage your barking situation once and for all and restore some desperately wanted peace in your home! 


We've been there - we know just how challenging it can be to live with a dog who barks at everything! And we've experienced first hand how frustrating it can be to try approach after approach with no success... in fact the barking seems to get worse, not better! 

We have taken every piece of information covered in our one day deep dive workshop, added even more and wrapped it up in an easy to follow step by step programme that you can implement yourself from home at a fraction of the price of attending the workshop! In fact you can save a whopping 75% of the cost of the course and still walk away with all of the information and supporting material you would have taken away from the day.


Best of all this means you can get your hands on this step by step programme wherever you are in the world! So although we're sad to postpone our workshops - we are very excited to be able to help as many people as possible!


Take a sneak peak at just a snippet of the wealth of information covered in the programme: 

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As part of this programme you will learn: 

- The main underlying causes of barking for dogs that bark A LOT.

- How we can tackle barking using the same tried and tested approach, no matter the cause. 

- The best way to plan your training and why keeping great records can be super useful. 

- How we've been looking at this from the wrong angle all along and how flipping your focus can propel your results. 

- Why teaching our dogs how to be calm is the greatest gift we could possibly give them and how to do it with ease. 

- How to stop wasting easy enrichment opportunities that can have a hugely positive impact on your dogs behaviour.

- How to easily fit a super fun and effective training plan for your dog in to the busiest of lifestyles. 

- The magical power of rehearsal. What you should rehearse and what you definitely should not! 

- How you can become your dog's super hero... with a super power that produces results! 

As part of your programme workbook you'll also receive helpful progress planners, training schedules and preparation documents that will keep you on track from beginning to end. 

Buy Now for only £18.75, saving yourself a huge 75% of the cost of of the workshop and you'll get instant access to your digital download today. Get ready to make your dog's barking issues a thing of the past! Further more if you decide you'd still love to attend one of our in person workshops in future we'll discount the cost of this programme against the cost of the workshop!